Belowrez: The Very Pixelated Photography App

August 6, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Yesterday, the new photography app Belowrez became available. At this point many of our beloved photography apps have become a dime-a-dozen sort of ordeal,  offering little more than the option to make your photographs look like they were taken with a terrible camera, perhaps underwater, or quite possibly taken in a different century altogether. Now is the right time for Belowrez, an app which instantly turns your office hallway into the seemingly endless pixelated tunnels of familiar first person shooters such as DOOM. The sidewalk? It is now reminiscent of the same early computer graphics so ubiquitously seen throughout early versions of Duke Nukem and other vintage forms of entertainments harking back to the late ’80s.

This is exactly the right photo app to have on hand for whenever your life starts to feel just a bit like a video game. That does happen to regular people right?

Check out a few of our examples of images taken using the app (in the above gallery) and maybe even download it, before all your friends do.