Artist’s Notebook: Kyle Petreycik

August 12, 2013 | Marina Galperina

ANIMAL’s feature Artist’s Notebook asks artists to show us their original “idea sketch” next to a finished piece. This week, Brooklyn-based artist Kyle Petreycik talks about his latest, material-centric sculpture “BYOB.” 

Specifically for this piece, I selected a few objects and then simply put them ‘into play’ within a physical space.

I’ve found myself working mostly intuitively at the moment, allowing myself to communicate an idea quite simply by placing a few specific types of objects and materials together in a space in an attempt to generate numerous possible implied meanings. I then allow myself to evaluate these intuitive decisions later on, perhaps in search for some sort of definitive meaning, but not always.

I just recently relocated into a new basement studio that I’m currently sharing with my two roommates.

At this particular moment, I’m primarily concerned with the unspoken visual and cultural relationships that can exist simply by combining certain types of objects and materials.

Most of my things are still packed up from recently moving studios, but here’s a few images of what I’ve been up to…

I strongly feel as though the material list of a work can be just as important as anything else.

BYOB, 2013
Corkboard, griptape, found scratch-off ticket
30 x 40”

See more of Kyle Petreycik’s work on his website. He is also currently exhibiting work at the Bellevue Arts Museum and blogging for ANIMAL. 

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