Mint&Serf Curated an Art Show: A Fairy Tagged, a Leaf Framed and a Mattress Pissed On

August 20, 2013 | Marina Galperina

New York graffiti writers MINT&SERF recently curated the exhibition “#PPP: None of Us Greater Than All of Us” at the ROX Gallery on the Lower East Side. Looks like a varied mix of media, from Clayton Patterson’s photos to Beni Zooted’s Untitled “self-portrait” of U.S. currency and plexiglass to the collaborative graffiti canvases of the Peter Pan Posse and friends.

Check the gallery of highlights featuring business bros duking it out in Harry McNally’s Happy Hour, Norman Seeff’s photo of Robert Mapplethorpe & Patti Smith, BAST’s psychedelic Peter Pan-themed Fairy Tag piece and Mint&Serf’s very leafy, tastefully framed El Dorado.

At the reception, “Pablo Power was cutting all his hair off in the middle of the show, spraying shaving cream on people and bleeding out the side of his head,” according to Nate “Igor” Smith and also, “peed on the installed dirty mattress as a means of authenticating the installation,” according to White Hot Magazine. Sounds like a proper opening. Is there a closing party?

“#PPP: None of Us Greater Than All of Us,” Arab Parrot, Bast, Baron Von Fancy, Bob Waltzer, Cat Marnell, Clayton Patterson, Curtis Kulig, Dirty Shaun, Dylan Kraus, Erik Foss, Harry McNally, Jacuzzi Chris, Lance De Los Reyes, Mark Ferkul, Michael Anderson, Mint&Serf, Norman Seeff, Osvaldo Chance Jimenez, Pablo Power, Peter Sutherland, Pj Monte, Sean Kinney, Wyatt Neumann, Beni Zooted, Aug 1 – Sep 9, ROX Gallery, LES (Images: Nate “Igor” Smith, ROX Gallery)