Glitchy, Serene 3D-Printed Faces
May Creep You Out

August 20, 2013 | Andy Cush

Here’s some beautifully uncanny valley-baiting art for your Tuesday afternoon: Replicantsa trio of 3D-printed sculptures from UK artist Lorna Barnshaw. Each takes a human face as its original model, using a particular software and printer to render out a final product. The idiosyncrasies of each process create the differences you see here.

One is a relatively faithful, mask-like piece marred only be minor discolorations; another flattens and spreads the face like a 2d world map. A third, created using an application called Cubify, renders features as a grid of giant pixels.

Each offers a good conceptual portrait of humanity as augmented by smartphones, ubiquitous cameras, constant Twitter connectivity at the like. We’re still people, but we’re also something else, you know?

(Images: Lorna Barnshaw)