Crit From Hell: Online Critique Service for Artists

August 21, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

One of the most valuable things anyone can give a young artist is some sort of genuine and honest feedback, no matter how harsh it may be. What better way to get that type of feedback than by a complete stranger? Introducing: Crit From Hell.

This new service promises to give artists at any stage of their career, that perpetually sought after feedback. The service cost money, albeit far less than the thousands of dollars of debt one would take on in order to attend a Master’s of Fine Arts program.

Critiques come from professionals from many leading art schools, such as Columbia in New York, and Goldsmiths, London. Other journalists, curators and gallery directors respected in their fields rotate through, on a casual basis.

You can remain confident that all submissions are completely private. In addition, you may submit your work anonymously or under a real or fake name, if you prefer.

These experimental digital critiques range in price from sixteen dollars for the critique of a small body of work to thirty-two dollars for an in-depth critique of an entire artist’s practice. As questionable as this type of service may sound, it’s surely a bargain compared to other types of portfolio reviews and seemingly more useful, than say, throwing your work up on Reddit.

But can you handle it?