The New Weathermen: See the #BIOLULZ Eco-Art War Plans!

August 21, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Inspired by the radical left organization the Weather Underground, The New Weathermen have a few proposals for unauthorized ecological interventions. As per their Manifesto (PDF link):

Parasite Lost
Parasitic behaviour will not be tolerated.
Eden Gone
There is no untouched Nature to go back to. Only forward.
Caution is for Preys
Abort the precautionary principle.
Bio Commons
Abolish intellectual property.
Species Galore
Conserve all species and genomes. Create as many new ones as possible.

It’s a new brand of theory hybrid, promoting Anonymous-type activists networks and guerilla tactics that will disrupt the current Earth-killing trends. Their weapons of Synthetic Biology are (illustrated in the gallery above):

#PIRATE POLLEN CLUB: Wind Dispersion Tunnel – Copyrighted gene removal in proprietary golf-course grasses  — They will disrupt artificially, genetically tamed lawns of the elite (Fight Club style!) with Open Source GMO weed, to eradicating the gene that makes grass resistant to herbicide.

#PalmOPS #BIOLULZ: Palm Oil Non-Digester – Lipase inhibitors prevent palm oil from being digested — To combat the use of Palm Oil the production of which, according to Greenpeace, causes deforestation, displacement of indigenous people and endangered species by making Palm Oil non-digestible by humans. It will go in your gut. Yes it will.

#BIOCCUPY DIESEL: Diesel Bug Test Rig – Optimisation of microbial contaminations in diesel fuel tanks  — This will sabotage fossil fuel tanks. There will be microbes in it. Death to diesel!

Excited? Yeah? YEAH?!


The New Weatherman are not “real” real, but a fictional group invented by artist David Benque and recently exhibited at the Ars Electronica in Linz as part of Project Genesis and just featured on We Make Money Not Art.

(Images: David Benque/Fickr)