Fund This Documentary on the Man Behind Chewbacca

August 21, 2013 | Andy Cush

Peter Mayhew, the 7’3″ man behind the Chewbacca mask, isn’t in the best shape. Chronic knee issues due to his gigantism have forced him into a wheelchair much of the time, and he’s regularly in intense pain because of it. Fortunately, double knee replacement surgery may restore him to his towering height and allow him to walk without pain.

Standing in the Stars, a documentary currently funding on Kickstarter, will document Mayhew’s road to recovery, following him to a convention, following the man and his family through the entire process. The film will also “tell story of [Mayhew’s] giantism and how it has affected his career and life to this point,” according to filmmaker W. Ryan Ziegler.

“Peter wants to share this, his most difficult battle yet, with his friends, fans, and family,” Ziegler writes on Kickstarter. “Our goal is to be able to film an account of the struggles and successes Peter faces on his path to recovery, and to help his many fans learn more about what he goes through every day.”

Watch the pitch video below.