This State-Funded Russian Police Movie Looks Sooo Cool

August 29, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Fresh young cops! Big bad criminals! A mafia bro’s girl that needs masculine rescue! This is one of the most popular genres of movies being made in Russia right now — Special Forces cops, now with feelings! The newest — Breaking Loose from director Alexey Uchitel — will premiere at the Toronto International Film Fest next month.

It was produced by the Cinema Fund, a film fund from the Russian government’s cultural ministry. Since being accused of “inefficiency” in 2012, Cinema Fund saw major restructuring and a shift in power.

Now, the Cinema Fund is being accused of misappropriating millions of dollars  in state funds. And making shit like this.

From its opening scene featuring a gritty, take-no-prisoners gang brawl inside a hot and sweaty Russian nightclub, Alexey Uchitel’s new crime drama explodes onto the screen. Breathlessly paced, Break Loose hurtles us into a violent rivalry between two groups of street thugs, and offers a classic story of love and camaraderie in a dangerous milieu.

Herman, Lykov, Shorokh, and Grekh are the best of friends. Having each done their service in the army, they now serve as operatives in OMON, the Russian special police force. By night, they troll the crime-ridden streets, looking for whatever excitement is to be had. When a simple misunderstanding with the local mafia escalates into a bigger conflict, the friends prepare for war. To exacerbate matters, Herman has fallen in love with the mob boss’s girl, Aglaya. He dreams of running away with her and starting a better life — but fears what would no doubt mean drastic consequences for his companions.

Yes, look at that. Not this. Not this either. And definitely don’t look at this footage of cops beating the shit out of protestors.

Don’t watch this video of “OMOH” Special Forces cops beating this woman in the head with a billy club. Go see the nice movie.