Twerking on Twitter Infographic

August 29, 2013 | Andy Cush

We all know the internet hates loves twerking, but just how much does the internet hate love twerking? To find out, we turned to Twitter. How many times has “twerk” been tweeted in the past month? Past week? Day? Hour?

We present you with Twerking on Twitter, the infographic:

There you go. According to social analytics company Topsy, twerk was tweeted a mindboggling 4,620,930 times in the last month, and 1,684,923 of those happened in the last week. For contrast, at 2.34 million tweets, Syria was mentioned just over half that many times in the same period.

What about the VMAs? Has the internet gotten more twerk-happy since Miley’s Generation-Defining Performance of a Lifetime? Again we turn to Topsy.

Miley’s moment in the sun came on August 25 and inspired 419,400 tweets. But that’s not even the biggest spike. On August 11, when “twerk” was tweeted 786,623 times–17% of the month’s total–One Direction member Harry Styles did his best booty shaking at the Teen Choice awards. I blame you, Directioners.

(Infographic: Nate Cepis/ANIMALNewYork)