Here Are Four New Pixies Songs

September 3, 2013 | Andy Cush

Good morning. Happy Tuesday, or whatever. Are you hungover? Did you get “turnt up” for Labor Day, dawg? Have you had your coffee yet? Are you ready? Good. Okay, seemingly out of nowhere the (newly Kim Deal-less) Pixies put out a 4-song EP today. And you can order a limited-edition 10″ vinyl with neat Ralph Steadman-looking art from Vaughan Oliver (who did the Come on Pilgrim art and a handful of other things for the band), or you can download it for four bucks and hear it now.

Early highlight “Indie Cindy” (cool name) oscillates between minor-key verses that sound like a less unhinged Surfer Rosa, and a dreamy, surfy chorus,  and contains the excellent lyric “You put the cock in cocktail, man.” It sounds like the Pixies, in other words, and it’s my favorite one on first listen.

Of course, if you’re anything like me, and have reasonable opinions about things in general, you know that Frank Black, Joey Santiago, and David Lovering doth not the Pixies make. What I’m saying is that of course Kim is sorely missed here. Still, hard to complain.