Who’s Buying the Post‘s Obama Inauguration Shirt?

September 5, 2013 | Andy Cush

Along with the New York Post’s snazzy new website redesign comes a prominent link to the rag’s merchandise store, which features a few shirts and other things that are a lot smarter on the whole than the Post deserves. Among them is this t-shirt featuring the Post‘s cover from Obama’s election day in 2008, which got us thinking: how big is the middle of the Venn diagram with diehard Obama supporters on one side and avid Post readers on the other? In other words, who’s buying? Independents? Democrats looking to thumb their noses at News Corp? Jaded ironists? Black Republicans? Am I missing someone?

But also: kudos to the team at Hard Candy Shell that did the redesign itself. You’ve managed to attract my eye despite everything that’s wrong with the Post, and the yellow favicon is an especially nice touch even if it isn’t a subtle nod to the tabloid’s yellow journalism like I’m hoping it is.