Chris Brown Spray Painted Justin Bieber’s Skate Ramp, the Pageant of Perpetual Adolescence Goes On

September 6, 2013 | Marina Galperina

My apologies for bringing your attention to this, but apparently Chris Brown spray painted Justin Bieber’s skate ramp with a wolf and skull motif. Ever since artist Ron English did that art show with Chris Brown, his ego has been bursting at the seams with artistic mimicry, testosterone and dumb.

I’m sorry, graffiti. I’m sorry, skate ramps.

This artifact of celebrity social media is telling though. It’s really appropriate from a pair of wealthy popstars who think that these self-congratulatory poses command masculinity, that acting like whining belligerent miscreants carries any hint of rebellion, or that that thing up there is “super dope.”

(Photo: Justin Bieber’s Instagram