A Look Inside Miniature New York Storefronts

September 11, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Many people document the constant changes that happen in New York City, but not many do it quite like Randy Hage. Coming from a career building intricate models for both television and film, Hage creates miniature versions of New York City storefronts that are astonishingly accurate, right down to the authentic New York City graffiti that often prominently adorning these ever-changing facades.

Despite his status as a Californian, Hage makes occasional location scouting trips to the city, during which he captures photographs for his upcoming miniatures. Upon his return, Hage begins production almost immediately, fabricating new works composed of a combination of metal, paper, resin, wood and metal among various other materials.

Hage has an upcoming exhibition entitled Fleeting Moments opening at Flower Pepper gallery in Pasadena, California. The artist will be donating 100% of the show proceeds to the Rachel Ann Hage Neuro-Oncology Fund, benefiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

“Fleeting Moments,” Randy Hage on view from Oct 5-Nov 15, Pasadena, CA