Film School in 3013: Didn’t Todd Solondz Tell You to Learn Chinese?

September 12, 2013 | Marina Galperina

For this year’s Venice Film Festival, 70 renowned filmmakers made 60-90 second short films. Their concept: Future Reloaded. They that were screened at the festival and just uploaded to YouTube.

Well, Todd Solondz owned this little assignment.

Remember Life During Wartime? “Are you seeing anyone?” “No, I’m more focused on China right now. Everything else is history, it’s just a question of time.” Todd Solondz presents: Excerpts from the 3013-3014 website course dialogue of the Global Union of Chinese Vassal States (G.U.C.V.S.) Cinema Academy (fall semester) in form of a faux digital interface.

A thousand years in the future, Cinema Academy offers a look back at the seminal works of Pre-cortical Implant Western Cinema 1985-2025 by such masters as Michael Bay, Mel Gibson and Leni Riefenstahl, as well as the ancient craft of “writing” and “filming” “stories.”

Another noteable submission is Paul Schrader‬ walking around the High Line in a harness and helmet strapped with a dozen cameras pointed at his face as he talks about content and form and revolutionary film…

And thsi Antonio Capuano’s future where all the children have green hair and zombie out in front of strobey, projecting cubes they’re all plugged into. A little “get off my lawn,” but aiiit. Still, Todd Solondz owns dystopian techno- fantasies. What a champ.