Jimmy McMillan “Wilds Out” in Dramatic New Music Video “Debate”

September 23, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Rent Is Too Damn High Party candidate Jimmy McMillan is still running for mayor and making music videos. Following up on his anthemic rap video “Rent Is Too Damn High” with ANIMAL, Jimmy dropped “Debate” at 2am last night. Jimmy McMillan tells ANIMAL that he still thinks that music is the way to reach young people. This is his way of entering the debate, hence the title. “There’s nothing else to talk about,” he sings.

“New York! If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. The problem is… You can’t make it,” McMillan recites, dramatically, in the two minute intro as his daughter and Rent Is Too Damn High party president Christalle Fellix acts the part of a distressed, overworked, underpaid New Yorker. Then, things get a little cheerier, as McMillan dances-marches around the East Village and plays the guitar and sings “wilding out” over a small moshpit of aforementioned young people in Tompkins Square Park.

ANIMAL asked the third party candidate about his opponents De Blasio and Lhota. “They just want a victory,” McMillan says. “People voted for them because they liked them. De Blasio and Lhota cannot improve anything. They have no solutions.”

As for the losers, Quinn and Liu, McMillan is offering them jobs: “I’m going to ask Christine Quinn and John Liu to join my team. They can help me run this city.”

The video — produced, directed, and edited by Jay Elfe/E.K.P.M./theamfm — was shot over the course of six days and ends at Papaya King, where Jimmy happens to have a signature hot dog. So… How’s this video effort stacking up against “Rent Is Too Damn High,” young people?