Cops Told Not to Pursue Group Motorcycle Rides

October 2, 2013 | Andy Cush

If you’re wondering how the group of bikers who beat and knifed Alexian Lien after he ran over a group of them were able to get as far as they did before the cops intervened, here’s a possible answer. According to a source at the NYPD contacted by the Post, the department has a laissez-faire policy about group motorcycle rides in general, opting not to risk hurting bystanders or the motorcyclists themselves by pursuing. “The people who are doing this aren’t stopping when police try to pull them over,” the source said.

Also, buried at the bottom of the NYP’s story: will the real Hollywood Stuntz please stand up? Hollywood Stunts, an NYC-based film production company, has allegedly been receiving threats from people who have them confused with the similarly-named biker blog, which originally posted the video (and was removed from Blogger).