Beautiful, Useless Tools Suspended in Glass

October 2, 2013 | Andy Cush

Dan Grayber’s sculptures look completely utilitarian. Intricately constructed from springs, nuts and bolts, and custom-fabricated metal, they wouldn’t look out of place under the hood of your car, or in the more specialized corners of your local hardware store. But they don’t actually do anything.

Well, they do something. They’re all incased in glass, and designed to hold themselves up. That’s it. According to Grayber, it’s about creating for creating’s sake.

“It seemed to be a bunch of people grasping for ideas to force some utility into,” he told Wired, describing the product design courses he took in college. “With the first sculptures that held themselves up, I felt like I was getting rid of all of the aspects of the invention process I didn’t like.”

“Formalities,” Dan Grayber and Steuart Pittman, Sept 26 – Nov 14, Johansson Projects Gallery, Oakland