Brooklyn Green Heatmap Shows You Where to Find All the Trees

October 3, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Last week, apartment-finding company Rentenna shared their NYC Green Heatmap for Manhattan, a simple map highlighting farmers markets, city parks and all other things green. Unfortunately, they left a few important things out, like the other boroughs.

Seeing as the median rental prices in Brooklyn are have caught up with those across the river, the company has remedied the error, at least as far as Brooklyn. So, this where you might wake up to chirping birds and flowers — among the higher density of trees, where the map is greener. Williamsburg is greenish. Bushwick? Not so much. Park Slope is green! If that’s something you’re into.

Brooklyn Green Heatmap - Map of BK's Trees, Parks and Farmers Markets

(Images: Rentenna)