All #BanksyNY,
Seven Days Later

October 8, 2013 | Aymann Ismail

It has been exactly a week since Banksy started putting up work in Chelsea, Red Hook, Greenpoint, Bushwick, Williamsburg and the Lower East Side for his highly-hyped New York “residency” Better Out Than In. A photo of each piece would first pop up on Banksy’s official website with a name of a neighborhood and a bit of door, wall or other visual clue. The locations would be identified and, just as quickly, the pieces would be vandalized — sometimes smartly, sometimes not so much.

We managed to document each piece before they were tagged — or, as in the case of the “Plato door,” removed altogether, hinges and all. Today, ANIMAL checked up on every location. Just when you think you’ve had enough of Banksy, here’s a little photojournalistic retrospective of all the recent pieces comparing what they looked like when they first went up and what they look like today.

OCTOBER 1ST (Allen Street between Canal and Hester, Lower East Side)


OCTOBER 2ND (25th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues, West Side)


OCTOBER 3RD (24th Street and 6th Avenue, Chelsea)


OCTOBER 4TH (7 Delancey Street, between Bowery and Christie, Lower East Side; Stanwix Street, Bushwick; 204 Bushwick Avenue, between Meserole and Scholes, Williamsburg)


OCTOBER 7TH (King Street right off Van Brunt, Red Hook)


 OCTOBER 8TH (66 Freeman Street, between Provost and McGuinness, Greenpoint)

OCTOBER 8TH (Later that day…)

(Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork, Yossera Bouchtia/ANIMALNewYork,
Krystyna Printup/ANIMALNewYork)