Controlling the Space-Time Continuum With Art

October 8, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

A new project by conceptual artist and experimental philosopher Jonathan Keats Spacetime Industries claims to alter space and time. The artist, known for his large-scale thought experiments, attempts to “leverage relativity to increase human productivity,” whatever that means.

A key component in the exhibition on view at Modernism Gallery is a collection of Time Ingots, a small bar of lead that the artist is selling for the modest price of $19.99

A time ingot is gravitational ballast for temporal micromanagement. In other words, it’s a one-pound lead bar that dilates time, much as time is dilated by a black hole or a neutron star. While the dilation is considerably less than would be achieved by a black hole or neutron star, since a time ingot is considerably less massive than either, it’s far more convenient: light enough to deliver by regular mail and compact enough to fit on your desktop.

In response to the shutdown of the Federal Government, the artist wants to distribute one of these revolutionary ingots to each and every citizen, stating that it “would help to decrease the public impact, since time would then move faster for the politicians than for everyone else.” Unfortunately, this wonderful invention doesn’t seem to be available online so you may have to stop by the gallery yourself to pick one up. Happy time traveling! Finally, a solution. (Image: FastCompany)