Krokodil Could Be New York’s Hot New Club Drug Because People Are So Dumb

October 11, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Krokodil! It’s that drug you cook from cheap dirty opiates, gasoline and rubber, and then you inject it, and you feel like you did heroin sort of, and then your skin rots off, Vice films you, and then you die in Russia! Or is it… New York’s hottest new club drug?

Reasonably, the DEA does not consider this an epidemic, but two people in Arizona and three in the suburbs of Nowhere, Illinois have been reported for symptoms of krokodil use, like “missing skin.” Three died in Oklahoma in a burn unit because they were missing skin so the doctors put them in the burn unit because WTF where is your skin?

I’m not buying this (I don’t want to), but “one source” told The Verge that he has seen with his own eyes that krokodil is about to pop off in the Meatpacking District. A man was being thrown out of Le Bain for trying to sell it and at Westway, said one source Sal Ramirez was approached in the bathroom with offers to sell krokodil, “clean syringes” included.

Shut up, Sal Ramirez.

I think it definitely is the novelty… But what people aren’t really that aware of is the fact that it’s super addictive. If more people knew that the reason it’s called krokodil is because of the effect it has on you, I think they wouldn’t be using it.

It’s called krokodil because your skin will look like a crocodile’s and then you will be missing it.

It’s not “a designer drug.” You don’t “buy some.” Junkiest of junkies cook it. I’m so all for novel experiences, but I don’t care what sort of empirical chemical researcher you think you are — this is like saying you’re a foodie, so you must taste that diseased rat chutney the very homeless with zero other options are raving about. Or cannibalism.






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