Marilyn Minter’s “Bush, Muff, Beaver” C-Prints of Proudly Furry Privates Debuting at Frieze

October 14, 2013 | Marina Galperina

“Bring back fur! All colors and races,” writes renowned artist Marilyn Minter. She just posted a preview of her new series on her Facebook page. Titled Bush, Mound, Muff, Pelt, Beaver, Thatch, Carpet, and Fur, the c-prints feature a variety of proudly furry mounds, in her signature sensuous light and tone.

“Young girls are getting lazered,” Marilyn Minter explains to ANIMAL. “It never grows back. It’s expected. No choices! Look at Playboy. All the models are lazered! I had to wait months for my models to grow their bush out.” The work will debut at the Frieze Fair in London, at the Salon 94 booth.

We’ve pixelated the lead image but you can see everything — tattoos and stockings and all — below. “Think FB will take it down?” Minter asked. Knowing Facebook’s record for censoring art, it’s likely. It’s lasted 30 minutes so far!

When asked if this is a declaration of independence of sorts, Minter said, “Yep. My dealer assures me they won’t sell, haha.” The collectors will beaver judge of that.



(Images: Courtesy of Marilyn Minter)