This Solar Car Just Won a Race Across Australia

October 14, 2013 | Andy Cush

The space-age station wagon above is Stella, the solar-powered car that just won a race across Australia. As a competitor in the World Solar Challenge, the car crossed the continent at an average speed of about 41 mph, and with a top speed of about 75.

That may seem a little slow, but the Stella was competing in the race’s “Cruiser” class, which takes into account things like practicality and street legality in addition to speed. And despite the car’s strange look, its developers say they’re interested in a vehicle that could realistically take the road.

“Since the Solar Team Eindhoven wants to contribute to the development of a car of the future, the design demands more than just a focus on speed,” the team said when first unveiling Stella. “Comfort, ease of use, and feasibility are all key terms.”