Is Page Six Literate?

January 8, 2014 | Bucky Turco

Everyone knows the New York Post is not a paper that defines itself by its accuracy. It’s a tabloid prone to frequent misreporting and so it’s not surprising that their gossip section is also inept at getting things right. But even by Page Six’s lowly standards, the item on Bill De Blasio published earlier this week is patently false.

According to the tabloid, the new mayor snubbed the city’s more affluent neighborhoods in an open letter he wrote for a luxury magazine ran by Governor Cuomo’s sister-in-law. Here’s how the paper’s class warfare department framed it:

But in an open letter to readers, the mayor tells them to ride the Q train and head to The Bronx, Bushwick or Staten Island rather than touring Upper East Side or Soho shops.

It’s hard to imagine how many errors such a tiny block of text could contain, but this is the New York Post. Nowhere in his open letter does Bill De Blasio tell people to visit one neighborhood “rather” than another. That’s an outright lie. He promotes the entire city. Team Page Six may also want to familiarize itself with a subway map, because only in New York Post World does the Q train snake through “The Bronx, Bushwick or Staten Island.” Compare their description above with a snippet of what the mayor actually wrote:

On your way up to the New York Botanical Gardens in the North Bronx, or on the Q riding down to Coney Island in South Brooklyn, you might hear any of the more than 800 languages that are spoken on the city’s streets.

In related news, it’s being reported today that the New York Post also got their front page story wrong on Eliot Spitzer’s alleged lewd vacation in Jamaica with Lis Smith, De Blasio’s spokesperson who recently stepped down in lieu of the tabloid’s incessant stalking, but don’t expect an an apology or correction, anytime soon.