Hans-Ulrich Obrist Curated a Chris Marker Show Inside a 300-Square-Inch Gallery

January 10, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Important curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist just curated the 300-square inch space of Water McBeer gallery. It’s run by artist Henry Gunderson. It’s really 300-square inches. Obrist curated “Nanomuseum” featuring a Chris Marker piece titled Homage to Schnittke. Here are some photos from the virtual reception. Oh, hey Kanye.

What can we say about Chris Marker’s tribute to the Soviet composer? Well, the Fortississimo and Fermata musical notations signify something should be played very loudly for a very long time. And… LINE? LINE?!!.. It looks like the 2 by 3 inch frame Obrist carried around in his pocket, the now-storied portable gallery with rotating exhibitions — until Scottish artist Douglas Gordon lost the Nanomuseum in a bar in 1990. That’s inside a 300-square-inch space.

“The gallery space itself is not virtual,” Gunderson told ANIMAL. “What you see in the photos is an actual 300 square inch space made out of wood. The virtual element is in the digital images from the opening and the web presentation. The opening doesn’t actually take place. What I do is ask the artist for a guest list of people they would like to attend the opening, then I find images of those people on the Internet via Facebook or Google image search and Photoshop them into the space.”

So, Kanye isn’t interested in Fortississimo Fermata… WHY NOT?

“NANOMUSEUM,” Curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Chris Marker, Dec 24 – Feb 8, Water McBeer Gallery