“Beastie Boys Square” Plan Shut Down at Community Board

January 15, 2014 | Andy Cush

The plan to rename the corner of Rivington and Ludlow Streets — the site of the Pauls Boutique album cover photo — in the Beastie Boys’ honor was voted down by the local community board. Debated lasted 90 minutes at last night’s CB3 meeting, according to DNAinfobefore the board decided to reject the “Beastie Boys Square” proposal.

LeRoy McCarthy, who organized a petition to have the intersection renamed, previously rallied for dubbing the block of Brooklyn’s Fulton Street where the Notorious B.I.G. spent his childhood “Christopher Wallace Way.” That proposal was shut down by a community board as well.

Fortunately, McCarthy may have another shot if he’s able to gather a few hundred more signatures. And he has the support of several board members. “In the case of the Beastie Boys, it is honoring the Beastie Boys, but in a way it is honoring this neighborhood,” said Chad Marlow of CB3’s transportation committee. “It lays claim to our role in the development of hip-hop.”