Goodyear Put Ice Cube on a Blimp

January 22, 2014 | Andy Cush

After much cajoling from our colleague Andy Dao, Goodyear put Ice Cube on their iconic blimp. The occasion was January 20, anniversary of the day Cube was supposedly most likely rapping about on his classic cut “It Was a Good Day.” Earlier this month, Dao and some friends organized a campaign to raise $25,000 for charity: if and only if Goodyear would fly its blimp over Los Angeles on the 20th, displaying the text “Ice Cube’s a pimp,” — just like in the song — that money would be donated to the South Central youth organization A Place Called Home.

Thanks to some love from CNN and a shout-outs on Late Night from Jimmy Fallon and Cube himself, the campaign picked up steam, and eventually, Goodyear bit. Predictably, the tire giant wanted to remove “pimp,” and proposed “It’s a good day” instead. The team agreed. Ice Cube came out to L.A. for the launch, and a few of the kids who work with A Place Came Home got to go for a ride in the blimp as it went up. See some photos in the gallery.

(Photos: Andy Dao)