AP Cease-and-Desists George Zimmerman Over Painting

January 24, 2014 | Andy Cush

This week, George Zimmerman unleashed his latest painting — an ugly, heavy-handed rendering of Angela Corey, the special prosecutor on his trial. Much like his last “work,” which appropriated a stock photo of an American flag, this one liberally lifts from a preexisting image as well: an Associated Press photo of Corey taken by Rick Wilson, which was widely published during and after the trial.

We reached out to the AP to ask whether they’d pursue legal action against Zimmerman, like they did with Shepard Fairey. Paul Colford, the AP’s director of media relations, says they sent the artist a cease-and-desist. “George Zimmerman clearly directly copied an AP photo to create his painting of Florida State Attorney Angela Corey,” he told ANIMAL. “The AP has sent a cease-and-desist letter asserting its copyright in the photo to the lawyer who recently represented Zimmerman. That lawyer has responded, and though she no longer represents Mr. Zimmerman, she will be forwarding the letter to him today.”

We’ll see whether Zimmerman agrees to the AP’s request. If not, more aggressive legal action could be on the table. Both Wilson and his attorney declined to comment.

(Photo: Rick Wilson/Associated Press)