Futuristic DIY Trike Made From Walkers, Wheelchairs, and Beach Chairs

January 24, 2014 | Andy Cush

The FAB Velo, a DIY vehicle created by Mark Richardson, is an assemblage of the kind of stuff laying around in the basement of your parents’ house: razor scooters, walkers, old beach chairs, and the like. Put together, it looks a bit like a homemade Tron bike, with two wheels up front, one in back, and a protective, aerodynamic shell made out of a tent. Technically, this kind of thing is called a velomobile.

The upcycled trike is a part of a larger project about sustainability. Designboom explains:

The project takes the position that ‘product longevity’ can be achieved through modularity, where components are designed up-front for multiple lives and uses rather than as singular finite entities. To demonstrate this, the project focused on two primary design explorations — the FAB velo velomobile (as a means of personal transport) and the temostruder 3D printer (as a means of its production) — and a third minor study explored the use of parts from the 3D printer to make an alternative product…These were intended as meta-design ‘seeds’, or starting points around which an open infrastructure can be established for facilitating end-user contributions within the public domain.

See FAB Velo in action above and read more here.