Have a Good Weekend: Molly Soda IRL, Post-Hardcore and Feministing Wikipedia

January 31, 2014 | ANIMAL

Here’s some art, film, music and other stuff happening in NYC so you can Have a Good Weekend. Drop your suggestions in the comments or to tips@animalnewyork.com.


The Brooklyn-via-Boston Berfest celebrates its 10th anniversary at the Silent Barn with Grass Is Green, Baked, and others. ($8, 8pm, Brooklyn)

Pictureplane is DJing at the Flat for #Cherrybomb Fridays. (Free, Pictureplane set at 1:10am, Brooklyn)


Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at Eyebeam: “Attendees are encouraged to edit any entry of interest related to art, feminism, gender studies, and LGBTQ issues.” Tutorials for n00bs. Allies welcome. (Free, 12pm, Manhattan)

G.H. Hovagimyan’s “((ANA)chronisms++)” opening reception at TRANSFER gallery. “From augmented reality to hacked antique radios” (Reception 2-7pm, 3D karaoke party 7-11pm, Brooklyn)

Rhizome presents “Computers on Law & Order” lecture at the Museum of the Moving Image. Jeff Thompson will share and narrate some of the more than 11,000 screenshots he captured from the series. (Free, 4pm, Queens)

NYC post-hardcore band Big Ups play Death by Audio with Kal Marks and Eula. Listen to the playlist they compiled for ANIMAL here. ($7, 7pm, Brooklyn)

Sat Nomad, Sad Boys, EEL, Mueco and scab eaters play Acheron. ($8, 8pm, Brooklyn)


Fuck football? There are four N64 controllers and a projection screen at this bar called Alaska that you can play. (Free, 8pm, Brooklyn)

Fuck football. Ric Leichtung of Ad Hoc, ex-of-285 Kent is hosting at Bosa Nova Civic Club. DJs: Mark McGuire of Emeralds, Jonas Reinhardt of 100% SILK, more. (Free, 10pm, Brooklyn)

Fuck football!!! It’s Molly Soda‘s “Tween Dreams” art opening invoking “the year Y2K as experienced at age thirteen” (Free, 7-8pm) and “anti-super bowl slumber party” at the Silent Barn. ($5-7, 8-12pm, Brooklyn)