Cathaus and Other Artsy Stray Shelters Come to UWS

January 31, 2014 | Andy Cush

Thursday, several New York City architects unveiled cat shelters they designed to be placed around the Upper West Side. Cathaus, the Bauhaus-inspired structure above, was conceived by Leslie Farrell, founder of the group Architects for Animals. “We decided to make it whimsical,” she said of her concept.

Other designs included a “time machine for kittens,” by the architect David Sepulveda (one of the people behind the idea to flood-proof Manhattan with containers of trash) and a cave-esque shelter by the company MishMish. According to DNAinfo, they’ll all be placed in areas with high stray populations.

Will Cathaus offer rental rooms, just like the real thing?

(Cathaus photo: Emily Frost/DNAinfo)