These Minimalist 8-Bit Movie GIFs Are Awesome

February 13, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Here are some 8-bit style animated GIFs of famous movie moments by Slovakia-based artist Dusan Cezek. For kitsch, “Pixelwood” series is really outstanding, with perfect color schemes (that very Wes Anderson orange in Cezek’s The Life Aquatic tho!)  and narrative humor (Hulk mad!!!… Hulk brb).

And how about that expressive versatility of Cezek’s single “pixel” blocks! The blinking eyes of Wikus and “Prawn” as one attempts to serve a government notice to the other, slow and blank in the face of ludicrous bureaucracy. The bullets from Vincent and Jules synchronously raised guns. Donny’s ashes, flying out of the coffee “receptacle.” Wonderwoman’s nipples as seen through Superman’s x-ray vision… Wait. What?