‘Sesame Street Fighter’ Is a Real Game

February 14, 2014 | Andy Cush

Inspired by these illustrations, the game developer Cocoalasca created Sesame Street Fightera delightful HTML5 game that mashes up, yes, Sesame Street and Street Fighter. You play as one of several character amalgamations, including Bert/Ryu, Ernie/Ken, and my personal favorite, Oscar/Blanca, beating up your opponent by being the first to correctly type a series of difficult words. Learning and violence! Fittingly, the final boss combines the most menacing Street Fighter with the cuddliest Sesame Street-er: M. Bison Elmo. Previously, Cocalasca built the 8-bit Kill Bill game.

“It’s a combination of nostalgia and the contrast of both cultural references” the developer told ANIMAL via email. “The joke just works. You don’t expect it, but when you hear it it’s kind of obvious.

Play Sesame Street Fighter here.