Price of Pizza in New York Neighborhoods, The Infographic

February 27, 2014 | Eugene Reznik

Because pizza is very important, journalists at NPR have crunched the numbers and released this morning’s indispensable infographics averaging the price of a pie across 237 mostly urban U.S. neighborhoods, including NYC.

Unsurprisingly, Midtown Manhattan comes in with the highest price at an average of about $23 a pie — meaning you could buy one for less in certain neighborhoods of Philly, even if you factor in a one-way Chinatown bus ticket from New York. As for outer boroughs, much of Brooklyn falls in the meaty middle part of the curve, with the Bronx rounding out the lower end; Foxhurst delivers the lowest price at an average of $10 a pie.

Since next-to-nothing matters more in choosing a place to live than the proximity to a decent slice, this data set will likely be the deciding factor in your future moves. Also, maybe, a map of toxic waste site locations. And homicide rates. And rats. And New York transplants.




(Images: Quoctrung Bui via NPR; Skyler David)