Finally, an Easy Way to Read Reddit AMAs

March 13, 2014 | Andy Cush

There were some interesting tidbits to be gleaned from Tim Berners-Lee’s Reddit Ask Me Anything yesterday — he almost called the World Wide Web “The Mesh,” for instance — but the format makes it, like all AMAs somewhat difficult to parse. The subject’s responses are given little privilege over the ordinary commenter’s, and infinitely nested threads filled with Reddit in-jokes do little to add meaningful context.

Enter Interviewly, a site that pulls from AMAs and turns them into nice-looking Q&A-style interviews. So instead of looking like this, that crowdsourced chat with Dave Grohl you’ve been dying to read looks like this. Dan Drabik, the site’s creator, explains:

Reddit is great, but the format isn’t conducive to interviews (so AMA’s end up a bit ugly and hard to follow). I’ve cleaned them up a bit, added photos, ordered the questions chronologically, and broken them into categories. For now, I’ve focused on the interviews of well-known people, but that may expand in the future.

Great idea, but can we please stop ending our startupsnames in “-ly?”