Soon, This Random Game Concept Generator Will Birth Actual Games

March 14, 2014 | Andy Cush

A god game where you drive trucks with ghosts while stranded on an island. A simulation game where you plop down fish to create a sprawling industry. An FPS where you wander around a world without the government to unlock achievements. All are video game ideas generated by this random generator, and soon, they could become actual games.

April 1 marks the beginning of Insanity Jam 2014, a game jam in which contestants must craft their creations based on a concept spit out by the site. “Our goal with the Insanity Jam is to inspire people to think outside the box to create games that are truly bizarre and wonderful and to encourage game developers to stick to their ideas and see them through to the end,” write Insanity Jam’s organizers. “After all, isn’t that the true beauty of indie?”

I’m just excited to see what “An artsy game where you fondle something different and gravity doesn’t exist” looks like.