CoinEx Hacked: All Bitcoin Funds Stolen, Account Holders Oddly Nonchalant

March 20, 2014 | Peter Yeh

CoinEx, a Bitcoin exchange, has been “hacked” and all coins stolen. On March 16, CoinEx went silent and all trading stopped. The official Twitter account had but a short, enigmatic tweet: “Security issue, investigating.” There was no more information for three days. Coming in the wake of the bankruptcy of MtGox, formerly the largest exchange, many CoinEx account holders begged for updates.

Then, Erundook suddenly posted an update on the bitcointalk forums confirming that the exchange had been hacked, and all bitcoins had been stolen, for the second time. Just like the last time, they’re promising to reimburse all account holders “out of our own pockets.”

For those who was stalking me at internets: thats true, i was trying to hide/delete my accounts. At the very first moment i saw zero balance at our bitcoin wallet i knew this was coming. And it scared the shit out of me. Hope you can understand that… So again, please calm down. We are not doing a runner.

They plan on raising these bitcoins by selling more shares in CoinEx, so in reality, catastrophically stupid investors, will actually be covering the losses. The strange part is, the account holders are ok with this. In fact, many were thanking erundook for this update, promising to buy shares, or even donate to CoinEx.

With two hacks with massive losses for account holders, how could anyone trust CoinEx? They didn’t bother doing a security audit after the first hack. Why are all of these people that have lost all of their bitcoins held in CoinEx, so calm about this? Meanwhile, those that seem to be rightfully angry about losing all of their coins are being shouted down and asked to kill themselves.

Where on Silk Road 3 can I buy the drugs these people are taking?