What Does 5 Pointz Look Like Inside?

March 25, 2014 | Andy Cush

Though most of the art at 5 Pointz has been murdered, and the complex is slated for demolition, for now, it still stands. The urban exploring group LTV Squad went inside recently, and the photos above document what they found.

Here’s what the group said about exploring the former graffiti landmark.

What we found inside was a maze of hallways and partitions, sections with solid concrete flooring and older sections with decaying wood and stairs of questionable stability. One must understand – 5ptz isn’t just one building – it’s a series of interconnected structures that together formed one large complex (like Voltron, or something). Some parts were in better condition than others.

The various parts of the building became known to us by the businesses that inhabited them. There was the sweat shop in the basement and first floor – full of boxes of fabric and a rack of cheap ladies clothing. Up towards Jackson avenue was the DVD shop – an large space filled with piles of DVDs and computer drives for replicating them.

There’s still plenty of graffiti inside. See some highlights in the gallery, and the rest here.