Delete Your Ex-girlfriend With Yung Jake’s “Unfollow” Video

March 25, 2014 | Marina Galperina

“Used to be my main bitch, now she’s just a follower …” Yung Jake (“Datamosh,” “e.m-bed.de/d,” and the Larry David rap song) has just performed his latest song “Unfollow” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Click to watch the music video above.

It’s his slickest video yet. And it’s very sensitive. (“Now it’s over… like a Snapchat.”) Be strong, Yung Jake! She fucked up, right? (“I still get her likes. I don’t like back.”) That’s right, baby.

Yung Jake makes his MOCAtv debut with “Unfollow,” a music video about being haunted by the shadows of a relationship and the abundance of social media. To the internet rapper, the unfollow button is the only tool he has to move on from a relationship. But just as former flames run into one another IRL, the spread of imagery online continues to bring him to the past. Like his hero Drake, Yung Jake swags out his state of emotional vulnerability, inundating viewers with screens, feeds and braggadocio, so as to transform pathos into envy.

(Images: Prosthetic Knowledge)