Have a Good Weekend: Casanova, Dracula, Internet Dreams and a Massive Moog

March 28, 2014 | ANIMAL

Here’s some art, film, music and other stuff happening in NYC so you can Have a Good Weekend. Drop your suggestions in the comments or to tips@animalnewyork.com.


“Of Landscape” looks into artificial and unstable images, represented by an aestheticized landscape idea. The exhibition explores, dissects, and re-informs the way we think about data, nature and art through alternative methods of depicting geographic entities. With CHiKA, Melissa F. Clarke and Genevieve Hoffman (collaboration), Catherine McCurry, Jack Kalish, and Gabriella Levine (Floating Point Collective), Nicolas Rupcich, Audra Wolowiec, Andrea Wolf at Reverse Space. (7pm, Brooklyn)

Long Distance Poison (“weird electronics trio crafting waveform based obverse psychology “), White Suns (“duo formation doing long-form noise jams”), Angel of Retribution (“abstract electronics”), Nick Lesley (“processed drumming free-for-all”) at Death By Audio. (8pm, Brooklyn)

Premiering at the Spectacle: Go Down Earth is a wry, sinister realization of a strange new universe, a cross-episodic melange of macabre folktales supposedly penned by the fictitious writer Jonathan Mallory Sinus. (10pm with filmmakers in attendance, midnight in Smell-o-Vision, $5, Brooklyn)


Last chance to see to see Anthony Antonellis’s solo exhibition “Internet of my Dreams” at TRANSFER gallery and the launch of a digital panel (LaTurbo Avedon, Rollin Leonard, Arjun Ram Srivatsa, Emilie Gervais…) about digital materiality, brain–computer interfaces, quantified self, preserving identity online, augmenting the body, techno dystopia, immersive environments and more, and of the online exhibition. Reception 2-7pm, panel online at 4pm. (Brooklyn)

Ad Hoc is excited to present an afternoon ceremony of the cybernetic occult, live-streamed for the whole internet to see. Telecult Powers (a duo of Mister Matthews and Witchbeam) will take on the massive Moog synthesizer installation at the Rough Trade store in Williamsburg, filling the room with candle light as friends read aloud from Reese P. Dubin’s book, Telecult Power. At Rough Trade and live-streamed on the internet. (3pm-6pm, Free, Brooklyn)

The Story of My Life with director Albert Serra in person at the Walter Reed Theater. Serra stages the 18th-century passage from rationalism to romanticism as a tussle between two figures of legend, Casanova and Dracula. Against a backdrop of candlelit conversation and earthy carnality, Serra sets in motion contrasting ideas about pleasure and desire, alternating between winding philosophical dialogue and wordless passages of savage beauty. (5:30pm, $15, Manhattan)

Conceptual Cake party at Bushwick’s new art space Air Circulation’s opening of “Peristalsis” group exhibition. (7pm, free, Bushwick)

William Basinski performs a new piece with Man Forever, Kid Millions’ percussion ensemble, at the Ecstatic Music Festival. (7:30pm $25, Manhattan)

At BAM: Crate-digging British multi-hyphenate Andy Votel delivers a live tribute to the seminal Polish composer Andrzej Korzynski (Andrzej Wajda’s Man of Marble, Andrzej Zulawski’s Possession) with a hallucinogenic mash-up of Pan Kleks, a 1980s Polish kids series that Korzynski scored. This shambolic sonic-visual lovefest revels in the mad genius of both its inspiration and its creator. Part of the citywide Unsound Festival, it also includes Janusz Majewski’s surreal shortRondo with live music by electronic musician Piotr Kurek. (8pm, $15, Brooklyn)

Wild Yaks, Shark?, Gunfight!, Rosy Street at Cheap Storage from Glad Tidings. (8pm, $10, Brooklyn)

Raspberry Bulbs, Virile Games, Anxiety Hammer, DJ Anthony Pappalardo at Baby’s All Right, by AdHoc. (8pm, $10, Brooklyn)


Attention, breeders. It’s take your kid to Truffaut Day at Film Forum. (11am, $13, Manhattan)

The Experiments in Extra-Institutional Education seminar at the CUNY Graduate Center’s Center for Humanities is organizing an unconference in the New School’s University Center. (11am-6pm, Manhattan)

“An afternoon of discussion and music surrounding feminist punk rock,” featuring Priests, Allison Crutchfield, Jenn Pelly, and others, at MoMA PS1. (3:15pm-evening, $10-$12, Queens)

(Image: Story of My Death)