Get You Hudson Yards-Scented Perfume, Only $200 a Bottle

April 2, 2014 | Andy Cush

The high-dollar perfumery Bond No. 9 just released “Hudson Yards,” a scent meant to evoke the heavy-duty equipment, sweaty workers, and notes of steel “luminous melange of dewy petals piled upon petals” the under-construction neighborhood is known for. Only $200 a bottle!

As one of the totally legit fashion personalities says in the video below, “Hudson Yards is so major right now.”

This isn’t Bond’s first neighborhood themed scent. They’ve also tackled NYC icons like Astor Place (Mud Coffee and Matthew Silver’s unwashed body violet Leaf and mandarin zest), “New Haarlem” (white people and Marcus Samuelsson’s fish and grits “Molten liquefied swank with androgynous appeal”), and Chinatown (open-air vegetable markets and rats peach blossoms and gardenia).

Get them all here.

(Photo: @Steven Severinghaus)