East Village Rental With “Rooftop Art Gallery” Is “Perfect for Selfies”

April 8, 2014 | Andy Cush

There are certain things experienced renters know to look for when scoping out a potential new place: check the building for previous bedbug complaints, note the proximity to whatever subway line you’ll be using to commute, make sure there’s a good place for snapping self-portraits that really nail that perfect blend of artsy sophistication and gritty urban cool.

This $2,000/month one-bed in the East Village should be a perfect fit, then. Not only does it boast a modern kitchen, queen-sized bedroom, and walking distance to the 6 and L trains, this little gem has the ultimate selfie spot:

Best kept little secret….Amazing art gallery & views on the rooftop, perfect for photoshoots, selfies or drinks with friends. Easy rent. Agent shows daily. Call or email now to view! No Pets!

Hey, you’re going to look great next to Zappa.

(Top photo: @Ed Yourdon)