Introducing the Meth Detector

April 10, 2014 | Andy Cush

Your Walter White days may be coming to a close, as device on the market in New Zealand aims to alert landlords and the police when it detects that meth is cooked on their property. From the MethMinder website, which refers to the drug by the kiwi slang term ‘P’:

Designed by professional gas analysts and engineers, Meth Minder is a world-first in the detection and reporting of gases emitted in the ‘P’ cooking process.

Similar in look and size to a smoke alarm, Meth Minder is visible to tenants. It is a stand alone self powered solution which communicates via the nation wide digital cell network. Fitted with multiple tamper sensors, our control room is notified if it is interfered with.

If a property is being used as a P-Lab, the Meth Minder will detect this activity and then send a silent message to the control room.

Time to pack up your things and leave, chemists.

(Photo: Wikipedia)