New York Is Loud

April 10, 2014 | Andy Cush

A new Health Department report confirms what anyone who’s ever set foot in New York City already knows: this place is loud, and that’s annoying sometimes. According to the report, in fact, one in four New Yorkers complain about noise exposure — a number that, if anything, seems low.

New Yorkers cite the usual suspects for aural aggravation: cars, sirens, construction, subways, loud restaurants, and the like. And the noisiest (or whiniest) neighborhood is Central Harlem/Morningside Heights. “Some noise is unavoidable in a vibrant city like New York,” Health Commissioner Mary Bassett said. “However, these data show that New Yorkers are often experiencing noise exposure at home and on our streets that affect quality of life and may have significant and lasting effects on health.”

You could always move to Staten Island.

(Photo: @Sheila Dee)