The Most Beautiful Art Book About Weed

April 21, 2014 | Marina Galperina

New York artist Matthew Spiegelman has recently self-published Officioné, a book of large-format photographs and other gorgeous images of weed, weed paraphernalia, weed-inspired aesthetics, clouds of weed behind exhaled and more weed. Like this:

Aperture reviews:

Clean and precise, the photos do not attempt to get to the essence of what the drug is, but rather take a knowing look at the fascinating vernacular created by its users. Officioné comes in a hand-bound edition of 10, and though the book was published in an extremely limited quantity.

Officioné is an edition of 10 with 3 APs, handbound in a unique color with a Fujy instant color film photogram insert, a presentation case and other art book stuff. Specifically: “82 pages; 57 pigment printed plates; 16 page lithographic folio; instant color film; unique fold-dyed paper; gold, metallic foil, and blind stamping; multiple fabrics; hidden compartments; cnc scored and monogramed storage box; signed and numbered.” With an essay by Travis Diehl and conversation between Matthew Spiegelman and Takeshi Murata. Here is a beautiful video of the beautiful book.

(Images: Aperture, @vngxy)