Yuasa Masaaki Directs Adventure Time

April 21, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Mind Game director Yuasa Masaaki directed an episode of Adventure Time! Watch a preview clip above. You will learn about the circle of life DEATH. You know when Adventure Time whisks you away into a land of whimsy and magical surrealism and existentialist suffering? This one is manic and decidedly one of the darker episodes. And Finn’s voice is deeper than you remember it. Of all the recent think-pieces Adventure Time has gotten, this bit from The New Yorker comes to mind:

Finn is the only character who ages in a normal fashion: he began as a twelve-year-old, but this season he’s sixteen, and his relationships, and the show itself, have become deeper and (codedly) more sexual. There are moments when Finn’s story feels suspiciously like a compensatory fantasy, invented to disguise a trauma that can’t be faced head on—as if it were the “Mulholland Drive” of children’s television.

This is one of Yuasa Masaaki’s more famous, genre-subversive works, Mind Games:

Remember when David OReilly directed “A Glitch Is A Glitch?” This is going to be awesome. And devastating.