A $300 Blunt, The Cannabis Titanic, and Other Insane Things Made of Weed

May 5, 2014 | Andy Cush

The artisan known only as Afgoo_Head may be the the world’s greatest cannabis craftsman. While others are content to simply wrap their blunts in increasingly intricate shapes, Afgoo makes mind-bogglingly elaborate weed-smoking devices entirely out of weed.

His most famous creations are enormous cigars crafted out of traditional herb, dabs, hash, and whole cannabis leaves, which take two weeks to create and will set a customer back at least $300. As detailed in an LA Weekly profile, Afgoo counts B.o.B. and the staff of High Times as fans, and a recent Instagram post showed a monster cannabis tube on its way to Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. 

According to the LA Weekly piece, a typical Afgoo creation contains seven grams of weed, an eighth of a gram of butane hash oil, and two grams of hash. Denver dispensary prices put the cost of raw materials at about $150 (buying it all in NYC would be considerably more expensive), meaning you’re paying a premium for labor and craftsmanship.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. On his site and on Instagram, Afgoo posts detailed tutorials for a host of other creations, including the “Thai-tanic” — a huge, smokeable model ship made entirely of herb — and the blunt pipe — a bowl made of weed, so you can smoke your bowl after you smoke a bowl.

The Thai-tanic, in particular, seems like a marvel of engineering. From Afgoo’s site:

For my next Canna project, I wanted to experiment with various vent widths & paths, & funneling. I’ve always wanted to recreate a smokable replica of the Titanic, however i wanted the mouthpiece at the front end, or bow of the ship. I want to be the iceberg getting smacked by the ship.

The boat boasts a network of pipes, vents and air-holes, befitting Afgoo’s history. Before getting into weed full-time, he taught architecture and engineering at a Los Angeles high school.

The Thaitanic shall be lit simultaneously, at all 4 smokestacks. Upon inhalation, the smoke will travel down the 4 vents, into the chamber representing the cabin space, the fly towards the rear, or stern of the ship. The smoke will then continue through the length of the entire ship and out the Top 3 vents of the bow. Because I didn’t want smoke to become trapped & stale in the long chambers, I added a carb hole at the base of the first smokestack.

See some off Afgoo’s work in the gallery. Interested parties can get in touch here.

(Photos: @afgoo_head)