Used Soviet Spacecraft Sells For $1 Million

May 8, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

An anonymous rich guy in Europe just bought a Cold War era Soviet space craft for 1 million Euros, or $1,390,900. The Vozvrashchayemi Apparat (VA) shuttle was sold in Brussels at the German auction house Lempertz, which usually trades in old paintings, but have taken to the space junk trade. The VA is historically significant for being the first spacecraft to be launched into orbit twice.

It’s hard to know what one would do with a seven foot tall vintage spacecraft, but in the video put out by Lempertz, the inside of the capsule actually looks pretty sweet, in a 1960’s Soviet chic kind of way. Could be a cool place to hotbox in your space memorabilia-filled mansion. I mean, you could be getting high in a thing that’s like… been in space… (Image: Lempertz)