Watch a “Sneakerslave” Lick Some Nikes

May 9, 2014 | Andy Cush

Fancy yourself a sneakerhead? Not like this gentleman, you aren’t. For a performance at Paris’s Gabber Expo, the artist duo Pinar&Viola employed a “sneakerslave” — that is, a submissive, sneaker-centric shoe fetishist — to lick, kiss, and suck their pristine Nikes for art. Pinar&Viola explain the project thusly:

As Pinar&Viola, our eye is in the constant search for contemporary phenomenas, for people who stretch the borders of society and for cultural tendencies. We take them as inspiration for our artistic and commercial work or they become subjects to the articles we write in our Dazed & Confused column. Thanks to a close friend, we discovered Snekerslaves, a very particular form of shoe fetishism, belonging to the darkest alpha corners of the internet. Sneakers are mainly associated with men, while making sneaker heads the coolest species within the urban jargon. This also justifies the fact of almost all sneaker slaves being male.

Watch the performance above.