Racist Brooklyn Bus Video Was Probably a Hoax

May 9, 2014 | Andy Cush

Prepare to be infuriated by the above clip, which shows a white man telling a black woman to move to the back of the bus so he can sit. Zaida Pugh, who posted the video to Facebook, wrote that the incident happened on the B35 near Nostrand and Church Avenues.

UPDATE: This is probably a hoax. Zaida Pugh, who posted the video, has a history of video pranks. This afternoon, she posted a video that calls the incident out as fake on a Facebook page she runs, along with the text “OMG EVERYBODY LOOK AT THIS VIDEO, HERE’S YOUR ANSWERS ..ohhhhhhhh snap she did it again.”

When the woman refuses to move, the man becomes enraged, and attempts at one point to grab her by the shoulder. And in a moment that verges on surreal, he invokes Donald Sterling, seemingly implying he’d like to see the disgraced LA Clippers owner elected president. Things get heated, and eventually the man challenges another passenger to a fight.

According to Pugh, the police were called but did not arrest anyone.

The people called the cops but when the cops came they didn’t say nothing to the white man, they just left. The innocent black lady went running down the block crying, 2 passengers ran to her to comfort her. This is was sad..please make sure u share that video out.. I want the world to see this madness we go through today still.

The clip begins with audio only. Video begins at about :48.